Give me some build ideas that I'll throw in the arena!


I am planning to start another series and,for that,I’ll ask for your collaboration.

I need you to provide me with some build ideas,as the new series will consist of a compilation of fan-made or suggested builds.

They can be serious or troll builds,competitive or useless but fun…Seriously,anything.Go nuts!
Also,the tier doesn’t matter.

You can submit them in either written form or photos (be it screenshots of one’s own workshop or a simulation tool).

Thank you and I’m looking forward to put the builds you suggest me to the test,in the arena.

The items I have available are:


Damn, you have a lot of Max mythicals…Soon I will have 4.


It’s…Not about mythicals.I didn’t make this thread to flex.

I am asking for you to help me with some build ideas,that I’ll throw in the arena.


Nice inventory…A lot of maxed mythicals I have only 10


this can be considered a wtf build.
repulser/armour disolver
sparten cranbearage


Your englihs sukcs


on purpose


Thank for the suggestion.I would try it out,but…

I don’t have one.


desert snek then


Gimme a bit and I’ll see what I can do.


hm how bout a build with the new drone



No ddifferenc


sprite must copyright strike tictacsoft