Give me a mech building challenge

Give me challenges to build my mechs with! @lordgorgon already challenged me to build 3 rounded of the same type, so I’m doing exactly that. If I decide that the challenge will severely hurt my arena ranking and the clan, then I won’t do it. I’ll do at least 5 arena battles per challenge. Bring it on people! image Sparked Runners and Dev Paws not shown.


Make a heat mech with a phys torso, an energy mech with a heat torso, and a physical mech with an energy torso. (and no, all forms of battery armor and energy free armor do not count)

double emps :slight_smile:


Sorry, don’t have multiple EMPs maxed, I meant more general terms like Bionicle said so that there’s a higher chance of me being able to do it.

I didnt challenge you to shet. And you are not running a rounded line up.

Bullshet thread.

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Yeah you did, I don’t remember where but you said “Try running 3 rounded of the same type” or something like that. And I am running 3 roundeds, or at least I was before Bionicle challenged me.

And this shit.

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Those are the replay codes.

aw damn, forgot about the hsa fha and and plat vests

Make an energy-dependent heater. Use it. Place top 20.



Do an arena battle with a mech that has no mythical items.

Ok I’m not doing 5 with that. Still working on Magic’s.

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Nope, screwed up my scope vs BPOTU when #47 vs #27. Not gonna bother now. GG (GG as in nice challenge not GG as in “I fought you”)

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What about modules? I don’t have enough epic/legend mods.

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Modules are fine, I guess.

46840 is the code, I won.

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Well, I can’t complain lol

Got any other challenges for me?

Make energy mec from ENERGY free armor…

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Unfortunately I don’t have that item. I was told that it sucked by my current clan mates during the sale.

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