Give a dare or ask a truth Enjoy getting it done


sure… why not.gif


If you expect me to act as you like, sit down to wait, because standing you will get tired.

From me to you…


so u are saying i am those things i dared u to.
well thank you


lighten up, wep, this is just a bit of fun, yeah?

I dare @lordgorgon to paint every part of his current mech setup pink and use this colour scheme for the entire tourney this week. real men wear pink after all.


@Imaizumi i dare you to make the best PIZZA no taco.


Try this tag instead ^^



I hate plat plates. They’re useless and honestly not needed.


@AURAINTEGRA :joy::ok_hand: Weko have a really bad skill for making pizza but Weko will try that one… later :joy: :pizza:


@AURAINTEGRA :joy::ok_hand: Weko dare you! to marry me! :joy::ok_hand: and send 1 token to Weko’s account!


@AURAINTEGRA married weko.sent 1000k tokens as a ring.


My sentences can make two meanings :wink:


check who the reply was directed to


@glbear13 must be a real man then. :joy:


image Here you go.


I dare myself to dare myself.


I dare myself to jump.


is this a suicide?


Well i Hope not…thought the same though…Stop stealing my thoughts will ya


Hey @lordgorgon I dare you to make this mech and try it out for me. (I hope it works, I want to know…)


An unbalanced build wont be played by him