Give a dare or ask a truth Enjoy getting it done


I like the good and positive and optimistic vibe everyone is putting in here

I appreciate it


That’s one of my alts name


I don’t have a free name change anymore.


Dang failed again…i must have grown a favour to it :wink:


If u are up for it…i would find out If U can change the Forum Name appearence. And u could Name me too…If possible


No way to change forum name, I’m not wasting 100 tokens.


Without tokens that would be for sure


But it is ok to not…have a good night/evening buddy


You can change forum name

ask a mod

I changed mine from Winz_kay to WinzKay


Here we go :stuck_out_tongue:


@WinzKay you never opened another pack.


gimme a break bish

I work my bumbum to open your packs



Packs. I want the results.


Or give me a dare. I’m bored because arena isn’t liking me.


I dare you to win 10 times more in arena



From this

to this

in an hour. This is why I stopped.


Why i dont see anybody posting proofs but dancing around here :joy::joy:


What do you mean “dancing around”? “Dancing around” what?


I mean floating here and chatting .


@Wepwawet i dare you to get a repulsor @Lordcurzon i dare you to stay all night up and get maximum protecter.