Give a dare or ask a truth Enjoy getting it done

Not my naga ! :eyes:

Rip naga that will be a good one send proof

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I am mean sorry not sorry

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Its cool, it didn’t hurt my feelings none

Give me a dare so i dont feel so mean

I dare you to fuse your main mechs torso so we’re even, and post proof

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I dare you to play Databrawl

My main torso is a L-M

How about my second mechs torso its still a L-M

@Lordcurzon buy a perm pack

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That’ll work




@Lordcurzon if i can fuse my hollow spec why cant u buy a prem pack

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@LowKee smurf in rank 25

I dare you make solo 5000 wins this season :slightly_smiling_face:

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Coz you are dumb and i’m not


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Fair enouph but i have 2 extra so no big deal


Oh shet… okay…