Give a dare. Enjoy getting it done and be liked


I got the 2 repulsers…! And my new mech complete.



Heck yea

hope you get 10k views


I dare @Urbu to win without cheating with his shield.


Ugly. Wrong word.
Urbu is a very smart player.


I will post video when i finish eating


I refrain from commenting about Urbu’'s intelligence. I think use a legacy shield is cheat.


@Tictacsoft, add trading.


@Muhd_Boci @WinzKay can i be in hall of fame for fusing mythical becuase of dare?


I dare you to use all your fuel and quit missions.


Don’t worry dud
I already fused 2 mythical last year(clash and dawnblaze)




I OnLY HAD 15 fuel


Not you…


Oh crap i mistakly replied to you ahhhh!


very nice reply to me then


o no


I dare you to smurf to rank 20.


I dare @Wepwawet to begin being nice, humble, reflecting, friendly and to wash the salt off.


Who r u talking to


me or mud


I was talking to WinzKay and i have a dare for you Muhd. . Paint torso with pink, leg with blue, first side weapon with green, second side with yellow, drone with red :slight_smile: