Give a dare. Enjoy getting it done and be liked


I dare you to change your name to Potato




This just made my will to live fading away even faster


ok, i’ll do this, but …

uh …
runs away


Im triying Brow.
The boss is tough to beat, so is the competition.

And im not exactely fully operational when seasin end comes as you know :slight_smile:


I dare @Darkstare to pump up is game and become a Crown/imperial Princess instead of a random, regular, Princess.


tryna get leader trust level so badly dont you?


i dare everyone to give me your pass otherwise post a video smurfing to rank 25 and fusing all items


I already have leader trust level samba boy.


Open a prem pack , you will may get a platplate


Alright some one dare me to do something.

(Must be reasonable and we must be cool )

I’ll dare ya back :wink:

Edit: 50th comment


I dare @Dwightx to achieve black skull before monday evening.


Only 1 person rank one in my clan.
I will most likely get rank 1 at the end of the season. though :sweat_smile: That dare is hard and to make it fair I wont dare you xD


I dare you to myth psyh armor breaker and make video on it :slight_smile:


5 ways I can reply to this with

so I chose the 6th option


Someone give me dare please?


I dare you to buy a Storm paint and put it on your torso


What if i dont have enough tokens?


prove it

i call liar


any dare 4 me?

why am i doing this ;-;