Give a dare. Enjoy getting it done and be liked


Tag a person and throw some dare on them like delete a mythical,finish all fuel by playing and quiting mission. Proof can help . Throw the bets guys.


@AURAINTEGRA fuse all your items.



@lordgorgon i dare u to get gold


This is more of a dare thread than a bet.When you bet,you give something siding with someone’s odds of doing a certain task against another (multiple) guy(s) that bet on the opposite odd.


@WinzKay I dare you to open 2 Prem Packs.


@trophy435 give me your credit card


@ArmaKaiser u first :slight_smile:


1234 32413413

I also have some pack screenshots preprepared for future instances of pack demands


@Lordcurzon get a maximum protector


@Rikka get rank 1


I dare everyone to have the best of luck in opening boxes so that they may get the items they wanted.


I dare everyone in existence of SM to get to level 200 within the next 3 years.


@everyone git gud


@LowKee make an energy mech


@WinzKay open more packs.


@Darkstare Change ur name to lightstare :stuck_out_tongue:


In game or here? Is it possible here?


Uhhhh i dont know actually


Lol, why would you ask me to do that then?


Well U would be the first lightstare in game lol…i only ask high demand sacrifice :slight_smile:
As If it was a Bet as it was intended…U could make a demand urself :slight_smile: