Gift/Trade system

The idea of this system is a good idea and should be imprinted as a good thing. This can also import more and new people to your’e games, as this use of an action people can create trusted clans with other players

Trad will never be added. It has been requested for a zillion times, but it will never be added. DEAL WITH IT.

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well then your ratings will lower and people will stop playing your’e games

No one cares. I already said it has been requested for many times. And SM isn’t my game. And why will game’s rating lower? Just because something requested 100000000000000 times won’t isn’t added?

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Cause people do care how they spend there money and could be gifting people tokens and stuff. It is full proof plan that they should add.

no, I have a fight to voice my opinon

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These games are usually made in the united states, but you, really you can get very low ratings. cause how stupid you are.

Trading will NEVER be a thing.

  • Stop it.
  • It’s been suggested dozens of time already and has been rejected every single time by the vast majority.

Gifting will NEVER be a thing.

  • Stop it.
  • It’s unrealistic.

Legacy is NOT coming back.

  • It’s been months since we got over them.
  • Please make an effort to get over them as well.

Quote comment time:

  • First of all,it ain’t your game,bro…
  • Second of all,you don’t decide what goes lower and who stops playing.
  • Third of all,I see there are still a lot of people around.
  • You can also spend none.It ain’t a must to buy tokens.
  • Nonetheless for others.
  • And no,they care more about themselves in the first place,like every other normal human being…
  • This is no proof.
  • Proof means either arguments,either material probes or both.
  • This is no plan.
  • A plan is a fixed scheme that all the participants have to follow.
  • A plan could also be a graphic representation of a building’s infrastructure.
  • Either proof or plan.Proof is not a plan and plan is not a proof.
  • Again,this is neither a plan,nor a proof.
  • There is no correlation whatsoever between the phrases.
  • Don’t call others stupid when you can’t even talk or hold an argument.
  • This is NOT an argument.
  • He has no firends.
  • He has friends.
  • You have no friends here because of your bad attitude and your inability of coping with others.

I just demonstrated everything so no one could say I’m wrong.
Plus I wanted to make it the nicest rude reply.
Rude…Rude…It’s true no matter how you look at it.
This kid is …


This is a great idea! I really think they should implement Trading! It will bring so much new things into the game!

Then turn item boxes back to older versions, and add a chance for a legendary for silver, and new types of boxes or the old name for them was a Mythical box. which could supply you with a chance of mythical items, and will revive the older Mythical items, and also add more of a chance for a great balance game.

You realize that you have been tracked by many, many people, do you understand.

Man, u need to understand, the old version isn’t coming back, There were 10000000 topic’s about this.STOP NOW

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Then add some new types of boxes and add new items, people will support me with this matter and will sherly be respected as a game.

well we can make a compromise to at least add a new box to the game and make it have a chance of mythical or add a chance of mythical to the premium boxes. But that is my opinion and you can add it and gain more players or don’t add it and have other people on the same page as i am if no changes are emplacement to make it more even, Then people will argue about this again.

Thank you, for hearing me out


The only way to obtain mythicals right now is to upgrade epics to legendary or just fuse the legendaries you get as drops.

And no,as you can see,people argued about re-re-making this thread (again!) and not about the actual idea…Mostly because stuff of this kind will never happen.

Also…How could they get more players if these people have no clue of what the game consists of,let alone get more players with just a little twitch?

But oh well,you were nice this time.
You even thanked for hearing you out.
Here,have a like from me.

Um no people will just create multi accounts and trade with themselves

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