Gift Key? Need helps


Can anyone tell me what is the Gift Key do? And how to use those Gift Key? :))


well each player has a gift key … now you either have one from your “trainer” (the one that brought you to SM and gave you his gift code) so you are a “trainee” OR you give your code to up to three new players.

As your “trainees” progress from levels 1-30 there are milestone gifts that are SM mainly and finally on level 30 you get awarded a gold box.

You can see the progress of your “trainees” from the settings->gifts screen (the same screen you either enter a gift code OR copy yours to give to up to 3 new players)

Hope my post helps you understand… Feel free to ask further :slight_smile:


Gift keys can only be used by players that are Level 1-6.

They use the key by going to the same page, but if you were level 1-6, you would be able to see a place to enter a code.


Nope. Silver…


Not even silver… You can’t even use em…, it just loads forever…:sob: