"Gift functions"



I have a suggestion for the next update “GIFT FUNCTION”. For example, “gift function” could give away valuable items that you no longer need and bring joy to others. I hope you are the same opinion as me and I wish you all the best have fun! :slight_smile:


That kinda of like trade, except your giving. You can make Many accounts and Give all your items as a Gift to one account…

There should be a Gift on your Birthday within the game, though. That be cool…

You would Put your Birthday, one time, in info. Then on that day, you get that gift. The downside about this, though if this were to happen, the past birthdays would not receive a gift… They have to give a gift for the past birthdays, this year, to make it fair.


Oh boy, you don’t know what you’ve done.


Another gifting/trading idea…
This one isn’t bad though, maybe change it to random gifting, it sends to any of the currently active accounts.


Could also be accs bd


I would like my two gifts pls.


Maybe you can put items out there for a certain price


Ahh Shit Here We Go Again
This is even worse than trade , this is giving items for nothing , like , you could send many mthical items to a new account that you make and place number 1 , which will result in people hating the game , which will result in people leaving the game , Also

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With your " " " fucking " " " hate posts (the " " are here to mark I’m just quoting the tone of the post)