Giant Robota and how they evolve

A series of modest proposals.

Before I begin this series of thoughts, I must clarify NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN AS MUST DO, IT IS ONLY THOUGHTS!

Now then. Time for a bit of a read. I, have the following thoughts on this game many of which are drawn from other sources I have played over the Long years of mech combat. I and the group I was gaming with at the time, once used to be pretty sharp pilots.

We went to a few cons back in the day. We did good. So, with that in mind, I have been putting honest thought into this game, watching how the builds work… Watching how the AI functions, habits and patterns, weapon combos, damage spreads… Watching pickup ratios and so forth, quietly mulling it over. I, am in no way or form saying I am better then anyone or I know more, but what I -am- saying, is I want to share my thoughts because of how much I am enjoying this game.

Pickup Variants: Expanding the box drops for in game maps.

As useful as the three primary pickups are for repair and keeping going. I would also tender forth the following suggestions.

Battle-Up! : Grants a bonus to damage for that map of some value, nothing over the top but X points to all attacks.

Agile-Up!: Grants a bonus for avoiding incoming damage, such as the chance a enemy has to hit you with a crit or damage is reduced.

Resist-Up!: Grants a single bonus to one of the three damage resist types. This pickup would be randomized of course to drop one of the three types.

Critical-Up!: Grants a better chance to critical your opponent.

Savage-Up!: Grants higher damage for your attacks when your HP drops below X%.

Hitting The Dirt: Co-Op Tagteam
Due to the game already having 2v2 matches with single pilots, and the higher diff missions have it. This is my thoughts on it.

Each pilot would have a slot (call them A and B) for the tag team mode. A toggle button would be on screen, in the same place as the normal switch out mode; however, the button would alert the other player with a message such as ,Player A has requested a tag in, do you accept?, and it would use the normal red/green buttons to accept or deny.

While Inactive or in the box, the non fighting mecha might regain stats slowly, say… 1 every so many seconds or minuets in the box. This would permit, as is common in many, many, many mech games, a team to develop tactics and combos that are different.

Letting a two man team develop completely new styles of fighting together and it would also permit for the AI a more varied method of fighting as the AI as well would be able to switch out as well.

This mode would also split rewards between the team as evenly as
possible, the players getting a rounded percent of the whole as equal as
possible with the exception of tokens and boxes, each team member would earn those as a whole value.

Striking Hard: Alterations to the special actions in combat.
The special combat messages (Overkill,Bullseye, etc.), seem to have no practical use. As follows are thoughts on giving them -Something- to do.

Overkill: +X gold as a bonus reward on top of the normal map reward.

Bullseye: Restore X energy for the map, (Perhaps the energy spent on the map is recharged.)

Perfect: 1-2 Tokens, as getting a perfect is not always simple or easy.

Finisher: Bonus chest rewarded of silver level.

Levelling up Level up!
Due to the familiar structure of level based rewards in virtually every single game, ever. This following is a thought on how to do it based on 25 level blocks in a repeating pattern.
Level Bonus.
1 –
2 –
3 +1 token.
4 +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
5 +1 silver box.
6 +1 token.
7 –
8 +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
9 +1 token.
10 +1 silver box.
12 +1 token and +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
15 +1 token and +1 silver box.
16 +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
18 +1 token.
20 +1 silver box and +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
21 +1 token.
24 +1 token and +X gold (perhaps a 15% bonus.)
25 +1 silver box.
This staggered pattern progression would continue to max level (which I believe is 150)

  1. This would give slow bonuses to the game to permit further advancement for new players, and more fodder to feed the beast for you veterans.
  2. The underlaying processes for these changes already seem to exist in game with the current coding in terms of how these bonuses are awarded in a individual bases.
  3. Giant robots are awesome and they should always get more explody.

So, -if- you, the reader, made it to the end. These are my thoughts, cue the haters, cue the people who say I do not know how to mech, cue the nit pickers and the trolls, bring on the complainers about TL:DR. But, if just -one- of you reads this and thinks it is a interesting idea, then I have succeeded.


P.S: A final thought, as was mentioned before. a perhaps, +1KG gained every say, 5 levels would allow a tiny, and I do mean tiny overall improvement and give a bit more space for interesting builds.


They are the same thing :wink:

no wai. I… thought perfect was for taking no damage and bullseye was for dropping them to 0 . ahhh well bugger i say. … i have also just realized its 130ish and I have been literally playing this game since… roughly 9am… i… think its time for sleep.

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No, you are correct. They are definitely not the same thing.

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Now this…should be added.
Striking hard bonus needs to be added!

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Dude,I kinda like the idea but what I like more is the text.
The way you arranged and formatted it is gorgeous,almost a pleasure for the eye to read!


Things like “Overkill!” should give rewards, +1

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Thank you to everyone for the kind regards about my thoughts. I am a old pilot whos sat around forever and I am glad to share my insights and thoughts.

The formatting was fun, standard BBC coding all done by hand in notepad, i would have used color coding as well, but the codes I am familar with seem to not work on here. Ah well!

I am also considering some thoughts on drones I have seen, and a -possible- way to re imagine these much wanted/hated modules everyone has spoken of with such venom.

Oh yes, this old battlecomputer is processing.