Ghost Division Recruitment!


Top 20 !
Congrats everyone ! XD


You made me suffer kinda traf, and the only reason why I typed that because of how many mechs i lost to… meh, atleast i’ll get ice cream


top 15 :wink:


Now you can see us,your old clan i say mody :))


we are looking for some rank 4 players or better to join our family


yoyo bro u know it i don’t have enough time to take care of it
@W.P.O.T.W is taking care of it


I know.
Just saying that you should see us lmao.


Any player with rank 5 or better


well we are looking for a rank 5 or better player to join us
we are a top 20 clan(top 15 in general) which hits 2k wins


Can i join?
Jk, I will look for players


top 12 :open_mouth::sunglasses:


Oh cool I see pink spirit’s clan.


well we are looking for some strong,friendly,active players to join us(rank 5 or better)
you will have to keep rank 2 or to get 70 wins per week (one of those)
we hit 2 k
we are usually in top 15


are you still looking for new members? I believe I may be a good addition to the team. I cannot manage rank 5+, but other than that, I believe I may qualify. this clan has been recommended by @Winz_Kay, so I assumed it was good. Have your heard of D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E? it is lead by ColdFire, it reaches top 15 also, and I was a member. However, I was kicked after a head injury, which resulted in a concussion. I was left unable to play for weeks, and I had explained so to him. However, he will not re-invite me. I hope that if I may join this clan, there will be a more understanding leader.


I am a positive, active player. I cannot reach rank 5+, but I believe I may fit any other requirements for this clan. anyways, here are my mechs. Keep in mind that I am still working on them.

image.jpg700x436 165 KB

image.jpg706x442 165 KB

image.jpg708x425 142 KB

image.jpg697x423 145 KB

image.jpg702x427 154 KB

image.jpg704x424 157 KB

image.jpg705x424 149 KB


image.jpg706x418 141 KB

image.jpg700x422 148 KB


image.jpg703x432 144 KB

image.jpg701x418 126 KB

As I had said, I am still working on my 2nd and 3rd mechs. Plz give me a chance. I am currently rank 10 and average about 3-5 hours of playing a day. Thank you for your consideration,


It’s dying right now (top150)


Well i will talk with council and see their opinion


Could I join?
At the moment I am rank 5 and usually I get to rank 4 at the at of the week.
I am also willing to try to get 60 + wins a week.


The clan it top 10 XD
150 is close


your right :rofl::rofl: