Ghost Division Recruitment!


Highest was 7 2 weeks ago


well we gonna think about it,we also need an answer from our manager and our artist


Current rank is 12. ----


OK that’s fine…


Im at 74 right now.


2 spots left :smirk:


well congrats to everyone,a 24/24 players clan which is in top 25 in just 3 days


If there’s anyone wanting to join we will put your name in a waiting list, Well we kinda recruited a small amount that came from forums and mostly all are friends… Well then now I know why people recruit in German and Global Chat


For being accepted a player needs 4 of 7 votes from council members


Hi im rank 7 if you have a space in the clan contact me


The Council will vote if you should get in or not since the clan’s currently full, There are others in the queue so it’ll take some time to get in


could I join now
I am this guy with rank 4


Currently, The clan is full so you have to be put in the waiting list, The council members shall vote for your approval and once you do, We’ll reserve a spot for you


@0ld_Supermechs_User why did you leave? You don’t own your own account…?


Try talking to me in DMS or in Discord cause I Ain’t answering


we have one new rule since we would like to hit 2 k wins (and some of our players are trying their best and forcing their limits for the clan,soo i thought that we got to work as a team,it s not so much )

players will have to do 70 wins per week or to keep rank 1 or 2 until season end


i’ll definitely won’t be able to get 70 wins just because I have some other work to do.


Well, There’s a minimum of 50 Wins!


Yeeeee now I don’t have to keep raging in ladders!


So we may need some players after season end,feel free to leave us a message if you are interested

Rank 6 or better
You will have to do 70 wins per week(like all of us) or to have rank 2 or 1 at the end of the season (in this case,you can have as many wins as you want,10,15 etc)

adding(and removing) a player it s not 100% my decision since we have a council where 8 clan members vote if a player can join us