Ghost Division Recruitment!


You’re probably gonna pass the power.


I’m trying to advance from rank 9 but the smurfs got me pinned down.

Meanwhile I’m grinding big lots of credits.


hi all,we need 11 players at the moment

Requirements are

To be a team player,we are a family here,so if you want to join you got to play for team,not just fot you


10 *
every one hurry and join it will be full soon


well if you think that s a better idea, sure


9 spots left :wink: :wink:


Well, If you want, I can reserve a spot for you! We’re that friendly lmao


3 places left last call come on guys,will be fun XD


3 places left?



I think it’s a marketting trick that they’re using. Saying there are less spaces than there actually are

Good marketing trick tho*


Are you sure about that?



well… yeah?


You took that earlier than mine.


Like… 2 minutes ago


want the full name of the clan so you can see it with your eyes? X Ghost Division X
we reserved 2 places for 2 players

at the moment we need 3 more players

don t want to brag but i made a top 10 clan in just 2 months so having a full clan in 4 days is eazy
and this time i have best friends with me,so keep an eye on us :wink:


Players are joining real fast. 2 minutes can be enough time for our whole clan to be full.


Can you accept me . Although I am not rank 7 I need some good friends with whom I can have fun. If possible contact me


My old clan only 4 members


what s your current rank?
@UchihaMadara @0ld_Supermechs_User


Ranges from 15 to 9 sometimes 8