Ghost Division Recruitment!


We are looking for players to join this soon to be top 10 clan, Preferably ranks 7-6 is the minimum rank to join!
Requirements are

Of course, being ranks 7-6
Having done more than 5 wins per day
Being active and friendly
No toxicity

Our clan is always open to accept new members!
Our clan’s for fun but as we get more and more players we’ll set Win goals and such but of course, NT. MK3 will help with your builds!
We hope we’ll see you there!


Can I join? I’m not rank 7 right now but I can get to rank 7.


I’ll ask leader, Since we’re starting out we’ll accept you, Just follow the Requirements and you’ll be fine and since you’re only missing one, You’ll be good!




Go in English Global and I’ll ask leader to invite ya!


I’m here.


Sure i will join, why not, Here comes Exetra :smiley:


Let me guess, Leader Is tragalgar?


Yep, You can join instantly if you’re rank 7 or higher!


Well, i have a bit of a problem, i am normaly rank 6-4 but cause of rank 1 smurfers i am rank 9-8


Hmm… Well I’ll ask traf if you can join when he gets on


Well, he is offline, but you know me, I will find a way to get back the former glorary Even if it takes killing rank 1 players


i recommend joining it :slight_smile:
it will be top soon


Hi guys,i m the leader of the clan
You already met our manager @0ld_Supermechs_User and our builder @UchihaMadara


And i’m his asistant that i’ve never even joined it lmao.


If a certain person dont stop pissing me off I might join




If I ever happen to leave trolls, don’t like the top 3 clans, BTB isn’t back by then… Then I may join this one


Glad to know! We’ll be leaving a spot lols


Update on
Ghost Division

We still have 11 spots!