Ghana got mechs xD


the mech’s at 8:10


iron man XD
actual irons used in his armor

Ooookay.This is surprizing,someone actually placing those in military use,buuut…

The helicopter is a piece of crap and literally nothing.It makes me cringe.

The cart could be neat for isolated civil wars but other than that,it has no place on a real frontline.Like,it’s a small road tank,ideal for our protests in Bucharest.Doesn’t look extremely lethal,either,so maybe also good for large crowd control up-front?

The SPG (Artillery Runner-up/Cover Vehicle) is…Also pretty bad.Not even good for armed scouting.Maybe a mobile ranged interceptor and warning shooter?Other than that…No use.

The mech,although a developed piece of technology,is useless on the battlefield.It’s super vulnerable,hardly controllable and under-armed to even make a dent as a mobile gun walker.
Although I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that’s bulletproof glass…But to which caliber?Won’t stop a .50,no way because of many reasons.And even if it magically does,it has no blast protection.Won’t survive even a 1952 M26 grenade,as weak as it is as a hand-thrown blower.
And also,it has no short range support.I bet it can’t shoot at less than 60m downrange because of the weapon positioning and could barely aim.Come close,trip it over with a push (the weight center is so off-centered) and kill the pilot.What a disappointment.

But you know what’s even more useless than the mech?The damn troopers in ‘‘Iron Man suits’’.They are SO BAD.No dexterity,little protection,cuts almost all agility (nullifies movement) and don’t even have an exoskeleton for like dragging us on the battlefiueld,just useless weight.And it’s so laughably bad and ugly,it makes me feel like my tongue has licked 1000 lemons.
I could drop and kill one of these bare-handed and without any protection.

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I honestly don’t think the mech could walk on any incline, let alone walk without falling on any real terrain.
I’m sure its about equal to that starter mech you get on a Revenant torso.

Ghana Mechs in WW3: