GG Yeet, good match!


Such a well played game! Your mech is pretty good! I just didn’t get to battle your GOAT mech…


Yeet wont be on the forums until march tenth…


I know. He got suspended. I met him in-game


Can I go against you?
Me and yeet are brothers so lets see whos mech is better


kk gimme a sec. meet me in the global


Whats your ingame name?


meet me as AC. Unless your rank is below 10 or above 3, I don’t think I will win or vice versa


Im not sure what your saying
What is AC?


my ingame name


I am in global but I dont see you


maybe later then we prolly have different time zones


Im not sure what time zones have to do with this?

Which global chat are you in


Poor Yeet. He shouldn’t have checked my topics with cool polls and unique titles.


He told me to say thanks, and that he enjoyed the match.


Might be able to beat you…


I just re-did my mech, and once I replace my Windigo with myth Zarkares (I am in the process) I will have 1800 health