Getting SM players onto battledawn


they just… laughed at me :frowning:


That happens when non influential players suddenly ask ppl such things lol



what are you TALKING about?


Perhaps i sould put this way -I mean you suddenly cant ask anyone to abandon their thing and join u u should had atleast given them reason .maybe then they had listened u :slight_smile:



note taken…



i think i can blackmail now!


Sure if u really wanna do it first try creating a big scene that will catch ppl action and suddenly ppl will stop talking much and when the pace of chat has now become slow its time for u to just say anything cuz ur words will be sen clearly by ppl now after that just say some good reason then since chat is now dominated by u just give any random reasons as ppl are now listening and will normally believe u and then already u would have gotten in ppl mind to migrate :slight_smile:
(Lol i feel weird giving u such tips openly )


you do it, im a lazy bum


Lol im not into such things sorry …


You’re currently talking to the laziest BD player in the history of BD :smiley:


lazy is good, why hasn’t evolution wiped us off yet???



I agree, all SM players aboard the Battledawn train!


You called? Loljkmultiworldinfei


ye fluxeon let’s goooooooooo


I bet @Fluxeon also is one of us


honestly a lazy team would be the best bd alliance ever :slight_smile: