Getting Mythicals

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that they had took out the ability to get mythicals from boxes? Well yeah, if you get it it would make the game a bit less interesting, but still. It is still difficult to get them from boxes sometimes, and trying to upgrade them, I would have to keep 5 legends and 100K SM coins to actually GET mythicals. If you ask me, it makes the game a lot more of a grinding game. Now i’m not trying to hate on this game, really, its a truly well thought game, and is very enjoyable.


I feel you bro…

It’s just like life mate.Nothing good comes from doing little to nothing.Do little,get little and do much,get much.
An eye for an eye,right?
It it would simply rain mythicals over us (like really,pour 'em all on me yay),would it still feel the same compared to when you spend all the time to manually make a myth and then use it with all your pride?
No way.
Sure,it does take a long time,but that’s okay thinking they’re the top-tier of this game.
So,yeah…Let’s get to work bro :laughing::rofl:

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