Get to Rank 4 was Worth the Time


Hi guys, i’m very happy, today i got to rank 4 in arena and got one thing from the end of season…

My second Claw :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I think now i’m gonna go climb a bit more with two claws :heart_eyes:


I’m waiting for you up here…


Btw, i need help from you now that i got it to put the Claw on my energy :joy:


Care to show me your mech?


I feel so jealous. :sob:


Just need time, thats all :slight_smile:


Well ok :smiley: Wanna see a funny picture as ur success?


Sure, show me :slight_smile:


Here u go :wink:


Double grats!


Flex Winz for me will ya?
And what you gonna do with second?


I already have one project to do which Cyanine already showed me, so i think i’m gonna start on it :smiley:
One energy with Claw…


Btw, already flexed with him there :joy:




you getting that claw is really more happier player,but you do realise that the sm staff is gonna see this and nerf the drop rates?
also congrats on that ladders rank box. i only get 3 epics from the rank 10 box =(


Spoiler alert:

They won’t care obviosly