Get this topic to 10k replies

The prize is my account

(shut up darkstare i’m still doing it.)

hmm, I could flag you

then your account will be mine

muahahahaha, im cruel

That makes no sense.

if you flag me darstare will close this before 10k replies so… no winner.

screw darkstare!!!

nothing shal get in my way of my prize

(im trying to sound menacing, and clearly failing)

plz dont flag…

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so im tempted to make an autoclicker that spams discobot but i also dont want to program it. someone else can do it if they want
also 69th reply noice

Oh lord, please no.
If you do that i’ll have to make some rules.


only to boost the topic to like 9k not just bot spamming

I want this to take 5 years to fill up to a point where I’m done with sm man XD


your going to waste 5 more years of your life? ya no man its not worth it. also what happens if discobot is last post? xD

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