Get rid of these useless power units!

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Just got one of these today from a premium… what a waste!
These have no purpose, please remove them from the game!

It is a total waste of tokens


But they give more power than an average common or rare item and they are more efficient cost-wise.

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They give the same as any other item of the same rarity, and are actually less efficient cost-wise

And besides, many players waste tokens buying a pack of 5, where instead of getting a good legendary item they get a legendary power unit.
I dont mind them from mix boxes, but getting something useless from a token box is stupid. They should remove them, honestly.

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From Premium Boxes yes, but normal boxes no.

Well it hurts if you get it in a legendary way in chest (it does not hurt if I get it in epic)

But it does. Epics are essential in starting out new mechs, especially since I have to improve my second mech, and start a third (for getting an advantage in 2v2)

  • Remove these altogether
  • Leave this as is
  • Nobody cares

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I would just say that these item’s would need to give MORE power.

you can upgrade the power units…

No You can’t…

there are power units that you can upgrade…or we are not talking about the same thing…

You can upgrade them, but it is useless
It actually wastes power, as the gold you put it in does not give an equal amount of power

Never boost power units!! It is waste of items and gold

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