Get. rid. of. pads


i was in 8th place earlier and I lost to a noob purely because of pads and went down to 35th place. That isn’t very fair at all.
I understand you guys are reworking them or whatever but for the mean time they should seriously be removed.
If I have to explain why then quit your job right now.


Is this the 200th or 300th “remove pads” complaint? I lost count.

Seriously though, remove pads.


I lost to another scrub because of pads man. it was terrible. Now im in 44th place. This is absolute bullshit. Why am I losing to pads? Remove them for the time being.
I’m losing to opponents that I otherwise would have easily beat, because of the floor? Cmon man.


floor too stronk, nerf plz


Dumbest comment ever.

Some times to play best around them u have to waste moves. Losing 2-3 turns gives ur opponent a huge advantage. Or in a case like today theyre all over the map and it doesnt even matter.
If you could play thru them without any problems or losing any sort of advantage and they just made u think and play wisely I would love them because they would add a level of skill. that however is NOT the case. They favor ONE opponent too much. Especially when the pads only help them and not you. And dont get me started on corner pads.


Hey everyone,
We are in discussion about the floor pads with the team.
I should have an update next week.
Feel free to bug me about it :slight_smile:


Remove Pads
Add Color kits

I’m a genius I know I know stop clapping, dont cry it’s okay.


Please remember to update the playerbase this time.



I had like 3 more losses cuz of pads today. So many hours wasted getting into top 10 only to lose to pads.


another pad loss. The corner ones are “absolutely stupid” for lack of politically correct terms.


And another one to the same guy. He had triple energy and sat on a corner pad, that I couldnt take him off of. :confused:
I went from rank 7 to 72. Because the map favored my opponent and not me. I understand how that’s fair.


Another pad loss. Just keep this here so the devs know how ****ing stupid it is since theyre clearly so oblivious. Honestly they make me not want to play anymore. -_-


Another one. I’m beyond salty. No medal this week for me :confused:


Hi @Dead_Inside

I’m part of the design team and as Sarahsh247 mentioned we are discussing the Floor Buffs removal.

The original intention of the buffs was to add location based strategy, similar to using terrain. A proper use of the floor buffs should be equivalent to having the higher ground, moving behind shelter or being pushed into a stream of lava.

We still believe having an additional strategy layer makes the battle more interesting and fun. However, we do agree the current floor buffs are imbalanced which is why we discuss what to do with them at the moment.

Given the team is focused on the new upcoming balancing change this was given lower priority until this week. We plan to make a decision early next week and we’ll of course communicate it once it’s made.


Thanks, please do.

A suggestion: We could remove them until a proper way to balance them is thought out.

I mean, you guys are good at removing features anyway. (Old shop, color kits) :wink:


I told em twice to do it lol


Sometimes twice is still not enough. ~



Don’t remove them make them fair


They should remove them while they haven’t come up with something to make them balanced. While they’re at it, I suggest the pads change and its location every 2 turns.


Yeah that’s a good idea