Get rid of diamond shell push build?


Easily the most annoying and cancerous mech build. No one likes these thimgs except for maybe rovo and tin can who have the patience to plaay em and genuinely enjoy em. However… theyre just yea, really annoying. Diamond shell builds are finally meta and useable, cheers right? Wrong. Theyre 100% purely concentrated cancer. I’m sure others would love to see these builds get nerfed.
Imo the repair drone is the main thing that makes the build so good. But even without it they would still be playable to a large degree. So im open to ideas or maybe we should leave them as is. Thoughts?


i fighted vs some of those “cancers”, 31 resist plus shield of 15% plus maxed recovery drone plus 600 hp…!!! 8 battles and only win 4, yeah that 4 eat my specials too fast… so… nerf it? how:

the top weapon has 2 items, one epic and one rare with 2 knock…
the other, stingray, soon will have a mk2, and can be changed for the legendary heat top weapon (i dont remember the name, but has 2 modes too)

and the side weapons, firewall and the rare energy one or push(push and the others tiny knockbakers are nerfed)
so, how nerf a non mithical mech (yeah they can be non mithical with only a diamond)…


an maybe if you see my bunneh will say the same… but buneh is nerfed :open_mouth:


Challenge: Take a shot every Diamond Shell you’ve red
The repair drone mark I and II is my only issue with these builds. Also, why would they make a mark II of repair drone if they could’ve just buffed it anyways?

Tbh, Diamond Shell is just as light as Lava Scope ( 369 kg ) and I do have a Diamond Shell build which I managed to get to 610 hp +30 resistances. But here’s the thing, Diamond Shell isn’t really compatible with any other builds other than the Orb+Lava Spray build or the pushback style. Even if you managed to make a guild build with Diamond Shell well the question is “Is the resistances even worth it” because the sole purpose of Diamond Shell is to reduce the enemy’s damage but to do it you would need a +10 or 11 Resistance Module and a good shield. Not only that but if fused you it will be 195 hp.It just so chanced that the knockback is the best suitable build for it.

But here’s the thing that I want to ask "If it is finally nerfed (Diamond Shell) via weight ( I don’t think the cooling and regen is THAT good ) what kind of build would it be compatible with?

On the other hand, we could just nerf the White and Black Hole blasters, reduce its pushback to 1 or just remove it. But then, Stinger would be, again, only an experimental myth just like the (useless) mythical resistance drainers.


The main problem with these builds is that they end up having 300 turn games, which is just absurd. and after ur opponent runs out of moves and switches they just sit there and let the timer run until u log off. Again, really cancerous mechanics at play…


also @MochaLust
People only run the orb cannon build to counter the push builds. The orb cannon build isnt as good but still surprisingly sturdy.


well how about this “Cancer” campaign grinding for SM budget build? …

base minimum:

1 repair drone
1 diamond shell
2x White/Black Hole blasters
2x Blue Shredder Beams
1x Push (for crowd control on ranges <= 2)

the rest is optional and based on weight and personal preferences ofc…

Play guide:
1st move drone out …
2nd move shield on …
3rd … xx move keep them away with your side and top weapons
use your Push only to get out of trouble (when a mech is beside you or in <=2 range so you cannot shoot them)

rinse and repeat …



Considering you don’t have a lvl 1 teleport (which I recommend alot just incase of a troublesome) I think you should use Surf Board why? because not in all chances you’re in the corner and you might end up being on the middle or if the enemy has a long ranged grapple hooks or mythical teleport. Not only that but they could also walk 2-4 ( depending on the legs
used of course )distances and hit you with their top weapon.


well point taken!

…Yet it is a campaign grinding “cancer” build so little chance computer player has mythical teleport let alone use it properly.

Anyways I will try your suggestions :slight_smile:

P.S I have a lvl 1 teleport but used on a better mech… I regret the days I was a noob that I did not kept at least 6 of every item like I do now and used them all blindly on fusion… :frowning:


The issue with the pushback mechs is that they are either a hard counter or get countered hard. It’s quite a difficult problem from a balance perspective…I don’t really have any ideas about how to fix it, but I do agree it’s a bit broken.


I agree with the OP’s analogy liking the build to cancer, since games are drawn out and opponents take longer to die. However I think it’s a distasteful an insensitive analogy nonetheless. I think the main issue with the build is the time it takes to complete a match - most people don’t have the patience to go through 60 + rounds and that’s understandable. I myself have been in matches lasting over 150 turns when both opponents have diamond shell builds, and it’s boring.

It does however work.

My suggestion? Add more health to the diamond shell and remove some resistance. Make the torso less susceptible to armor negating pads (a total random variable) and more susceptible to the high damage armor-eating weapons readily available (player dependent/controlled).

I think the above would make Diamond shell less extreme yet still retain the character of the build.

Now, someone start a pure cancer thread on God mode torsos/legs…


… or for that matter along with Heat or Energy disabling opponent builds …


U can beat all or most of the non DS builds, and have a 10:1 win lose ratio but then lose to someone in rank 50-100 with a 3:1 win/lose ratio, playing DS builds and go down in ranking abysmally. It’s not a good type of balance.
Also lmfaooooo @TinCan
Welcome to the internet where people use the word cancer to discribe all sorts of things. It isnt meant to be insult or offend. I will be “politically correct” on a public forum but only to my own discretion. I wont go overboard with it, because personally being too PC creates some problems.


No one build is good at everything. god mode + god mode legs suck against anything that can corner them. DS are shit against high power weapons and null-armor pads. @Dead_Inside “describe”. Also thanks for clearing that up, I didn’t realise we were on the interwebs. Go ahead and discretion your cancer with “politiccal correctness” as much as you want! Hell, throw some AIDS in there too! lmao


I like this idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: