General Thread - What should I myth next?


This is my current mech, but I’ll use my anni once I get my NE to legendary.

I also have Iron Boots but they’re not upgraded enough to be used.


I’d say to myth Anni first.
Then the drone,the legs and the other weapons.


legges first for more health


look what i did

@LEGENDARY_MECH look what i did


Congrats @PlagueKnight


thank you still not better than you


mechs so big cant see most of it


Replace the heat engine with another cooling mass booster. Windigo works well with 2 cooling mass boosters. And it will gain some weight too. Need hook and charge.


he should totally use the electric hook i use it


You will not like it, but … who said that phys should wear physical legs or that a heat should have legs heat …? How many times do you use your legs as a weapon?

Sometimes trying other style of legs can help a lot the build. This energy cart is very light and allowed me to place another HP plate, gained about 30 HP more and also advances 3 places.

Sometimes paws are chosen for weight or mobility, rather than for damage they can do. For damage, weapons are already there.



that would look super weird


Ahh … but convenient!


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I liked because your icon was showing at almost every thread around that day;you replied to so many threads in one go :)))
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Dude,his thread was not meant to insult you!
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