General Thread - What should I myth next?


Keep climbing! Beware the rank 9’s, however, as they are much stronger than the rank 10’s


Yeet is right!I’m stuck in rank 9 even though I already have 2 myth items


Beware the evil physicals of rank 7…thats where I am stuck. I win rank 8, die rank 7


I do the same I have 3 myth how many do you have


What should i do next?


LOL, they are INFESTED right to rank 4. It’s absolutely AWFUL.


Hmmm. Seeing as that appears to be a heat mech, I’d drop the phys weapons and get more heat. Corrupt Light for sure… Range 2+ prem weapon if you have one. If you drop that resist and put a plate on instead, you can replace those storage units with engines - that’ll improve your build a TON, trust me.

Looking good so far though, keep it up!


should i use double anialtion because it works on energy mechs


i got a second night eagle should i use it yeet


No…one is enough…


ok thank you because i normally don’t use the one any way


i got a second winding torso


Please dude.
It’s your business.
This is a thread in which you ask for advice in case you’re having a hard time deciding on what you should myth.
It’s nit the “Look at every item I got” thread.
I also just got a NightFall,but who cares??


Ok, if you use double annihilation, then your build should be
Dual annihilation
night eagle.


What should i myth next on my mech

  • Nightfall
  • Night-eagle
  • Annihilation
  • Heat engine
  • Energy engine
  • Charge engine

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Make a poll…


I’d go with Ani > NF > Ani > NE > Then Finish Void > Then Heat Engines/Energy Engines.

(Only saying this, because coincidentally I’m building the exactly same mech lol.)

See lmao, after looking at yours. I’m definitely liking how it’ll turn out. Although our mod choices are different. I’m going for 2 CD boosters + One Engine. Still thinking if I should roll an energy one or two though.


Nice i have been working towards this build for a will a finally got the nightfall on saturday


Should I do Iron Boots, Void, Nightfall, or Anni?


Please post a screenshot of your mech :slight_smile: