General Thread - What should I myth next?


Out of the items i have selected what should i myth next?


Is anybody going to answer me


Patience is key,my friend :slight_smile:.
I’d say either an Annihilation or Void.


thanks i just mythed Void


If I were you, I’d remove a night eagle and add in a nightfall. It’d be more useful than two NE’s.


I am looking for a nightfall i do not have one yet but when i did get one i was going to do just that


do i need to use the void drone


Not neccesarliy, just my suggestion


can use nemo because i use it to defend with energy’s for energy breaks it only runs on heat


Nemo is too heavy tho…


You will have to use a physical drone


but its at legendary


Ik but i you wanna have the right modules then you will have to use a physical drone. Most if not all physical to p players use a void


ok then i will use it because i just go it


Good! Good luck with your mech. have you gotten some more heat and energy engines or no such luck?


no not yet not so much luck


can i use the cooling module


Sure! Two engines and a cooling module will work fine :slight_smile:


ok thank got will do


How many energy engines you got?