General Thread - What should I myth next?


i will be in bed by nine ok we can talk tomorrow i will be on untill 8:00


enn… I don’t have hook&charge


you are better than me what rank are you at i am at rank 12 with 3 stars


I really don’t know what you could give up on/replace then…


rank 1 full star ok?


thats so crazy have any mech tips



my mech looks like this


I just see it over zillions times…


sorry another one of my dumb habbits


want to chat i am lonely


Sorry,took me longer than expected.
I promised you so here you go:

I see that your build is a majority of physical items,so I’ll advice as a physician:

Windigo must be the most used torso for physical builds given it’s very versatile and can be easily combined with anything/mixed in any kind of strategy.Keep it.
As for the legs,as long as you don’t get Rolling Beasts as a drop,they’re your one and only choice.

Now the important part:
Weapons’ build.

First of all,try to keep the pace as in not mixing the other types.
You should get rid of the Supreme Cannon,go for a Night Eagle instead,because it pushes and will advantage your build.
As for the other weapons,I’d say to also replace/give up on Reckless Beam,due to how weak and inefficient it is.It’s light,looks okay but is weak and for long range.
You can keep the BB for now,but you’ll also have to replace it in the future,as long as you don’t get a Seraph Blade in the future.
You combined a Terror Cry with an Annihilation,and that breaks your primary combo.
Terror Cry pushes and is range 2+,while Annihilation is range 1-2 stationary.
TC could work with the Recless Beam,but is an inefficient combo compared to Annihilation-BB,Dual Ahhinilation,Annihilation -NightFall,Night-Reagle-Annihilation and so on.
Mostrly because Recless Beam does mediocre damage and does not drain resistance.
Also,I see you have an Armor Breaker.
I wouldn’t keep it but,given that you might not have a replacement and you can afford the weight,it could stay.
But,also,you’ll eventually have to give up it,too.Annihilation does the same thing and a lot better.
I hope you get a NigtFall and a Night eagle.It’s the most classic yet efficient physical build.
here are some ideas:

  • NF,NE,Void,Dual Anni.
  • Dual Anni,Void,NE (you’ll have more health like this as in room for modules,but it’ll be a close range-only)
  • Dual NF (if you get 2 in the meanwhile),NE,Void.It’s a very strong combo,yet it requires energy to function.
  • BB,Annihilation,NE (maybe even dual Anni. if you can aford the weight).
  • Terror Cry,Annihilation (for close range,you never know),NF,NE.But I rarely see this kind of build,and when I do,I shred it to pieces.Tho,for builds like mine,pushers are big trouble in most cases,especially on a maxed build)

I hope this helps you even one bit.
Good luck on your build!


i have the seprah blade


If you have seraphblade and back breaker, here is a weapon loadout I have for you: @Brennankawamura
Back breaker
Night Eagle

Void Drone
Grappling hook, charge, teleport
If you can get them, rolling beasts, if not, iron boots work.
Torso: Wingido or zarkares
Modules: 3 energy modules, 3 heatmodules and 2 health modules
This is a combo loadout that some would die for…


hi i think i can do that


Oo,replace the ArmorBreaker with Seraph.


Damn mate if you do a seraphblade backbreaker night eagle annihilation combo Im legit scared of you now…


If you are lucky enough to get the right modules you have a spot on the leaderboard cut out for you


is that better


Let’s do this:
Single Annihilation+NE+BB+SeraphBlade (and some energy modules)
SeraphBlade+NE+Dual Annihilation.