General Thread - What should I myth next?

Ok. I choose this line.

Yeah boiiii

Also if anyone wonders what mech those Desos and Basalts belong too, he’s bald now.

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Of these items, what should I myth next?

Here are my two mechs.

Myth the Windigo

  1. Supreme Cannon
  2. Flaming Hammer / Legs
  3. LPV
  4. Terror Cry
  5. Malice Beam
  6. Windigo

Windigo is actually maxed :smile: It just got in the frame by accident. I think supreme cannon will be next, based on your advice.

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myth teh wigidno


Dude,just myth the LPV,but after you myth the Windigo.


spartan or annihilation

Just asking because I am the worst decision maker.

Sorrow - Helps with Overheating, To deal more damage (pretty weak) especially when Energy Broken. Very very fun to use.

Desolation - Helps with Overheating, To deal WAY more damage especially when Energy Broken.

Night Eagle - To be honest I use this way more than Nightfall (not only because of pads) even the Mythical one I have. To also make it way stronger.

Windigo - Because, why not myth a myth Windigo.

  • Sorrow
  • Night Eagle
  • Desolation

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dam ya’ll slow please help me out here

IF not, I’ll automatically go to Desolati- wait somebody voted ok


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  • Platinum Plate
  • Heat Engine

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Which one first, doesn’t matter which one I do first…

After I max these two things, I’ll have 2 Fully Maxed Mechs and can work on my Heat Mech…

what should i myth next ?
might protector (for raids ) … maximum protector … heat bomb … mighty cannon (for raids , i don’t use phys weapons or builds ) … heat or energy modules for my heater or energy mech

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Maximum Protector first.

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hmm ok thanks

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Sorry for reviving this topic but I need to know what should I myth next
Here is my mech:

1:Iron Boots
3.Rock recoiler
Also i want to mention that this mech is an anti phys/heat build.

IMO go for Tonto or Iron Boots; it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself regretting mything either one.

Iron Boots is just all around good in terms of HP and usability. Tonto is the best phys drone, and since drone damage is additive and not limited to uses, it will most likely out-damage any other mythed weapons on your mech if it lives long enough.

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Take those boots and max them quickly.
The firepower is useless if you don’t last long enough to fully unleash its potential.

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