General Thread - What should I myth next?


Ok. I choose this line.


Yeah boiiii

Also if anyone wonders what mech those Desos and Basalts belong too, he’s bald now.



Of these items, what should I myth next?

Here are my two mechs.


Myth the Windigo

  1. Supreme Cannon
  2. Flaming Hammer / Legs
  3. LPV
  4. Terror Cry
  5. Malice Beam
  6. Windigo


Windigo is actually maxed :smile: It just got in the frame by accident. I think supreme cannon will be next, based on your advice.




myth teh wigidno


Dude,just myth the LPV,but after you myth the Windigo.


spartan or annihilation


Just asking because I am the worst decision maker.

Sorrow - Helps with Overheating, To deal more damage (pretty weak) especially when Energy Broken. Very very fun to use.

Desolation - Helps with Overheating, To deal WAY more damage especially when Energy Broken.

Night Eagle - To be honest I use this way more than Nightfall (not only because of pads) even the Mythical one I have. To also make it way stronger.

Windigo - Because, why not myth a myth Windigo.

  • Sorrow
  • Night Eagle
  • Desolation

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dam ya’ll slow please help me out here

IF not, I’ll automatically go to Desolati- wait somebody voted ok



  • Platinum Plate
  • Heat Engine

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Which one first, doesn’t matter which one I do first…

After I max these two things, I’ll have 2 Fully Maxed Mechs and can work on my Heat Mech…