General Thread - What should I myth next?


What should I myth next?
Bunker Shet or Last Word


The epic energy engine then cooling booster


Last words. You’ll get more uses out of them for now


Thanks for your help.


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And remember, i still need another cooling booster, so i will leave one heat engine on legendary.


Reviving this topic for just this.

What to myth next?

Cooling Mass Booster - For Anti-Heat / Phys mech Still has 362 Cooling though.

Shocking Grappling Hook - For Energy Mech. Not that much useful, but will be strong.

EMP - For Rounded. I don’t want to drain myself with EMP that much, so I made it stay at Legendary. Well, now both versions of my Rounded can reach 600 Energy Cap with considerable Regen of 320+.

Energy Engines - For Rounded. This rounded keeps dying easily to Energies. Guess what, I don’t want that.

Kraken - A we bdri verto rso

T h is is th e 666th po st :family_man_boy_boy::family_man_boy_boy::family_man_boy_boy::family_man_boy_boy::family_man_boy_boy::family_man_boy_boy:






Go for the engines.
Extra cap and regen is your best choice,since the grapple won’t do that much and you already have more than enough cooling.


Um… I don’t know we have this thread :v
But never mind.
What should I maxed next?

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  • Maxing protector

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So umm…
What should I max next :v
In those modules


s h o w m e c h p l e s





we need stats.
without stats we cant say for sure what you need.


Corrupt light or desolation, which one should I myth?


What is your mech???


Never mind, I mythed corrupt light, as it suited my mech better than desolation.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been here…

Anyways, I’m just mything a Cooling Mass Booster, but wondering what I should use…


I could use anything here to be honest… Except Heat Bomb and Rolling Beasts, I still use those.


Obvious choice: En hammer, naga, brut, phys axe, void

DUmb choice: LongDonger, Ene push dron, sparked, mpv, daddy

cyanine choice: deso,deso,basalt,basalt,spinefall