General Thread - What should I myth next?


ok ( 20 char limit) …


just clearing up,im not trying to be a dinkhead,im just helpin.


no problems thanks for info


i am still rank 13 though


i have more info about energy,heat and phys if ya need some.
btw always have a phys mech.without one you will never reach the top ranks


yea but only effective phys weapons i have now are - Night Fall and Night Eagle


its ok
you can make one later once you get zark and good phys weapons


What should I myth next?

  • Mighty Cannon
  • Malice Beam
  • Viking Hammer
  • Last Words

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Anything but the mighty cannon, if you need physical pull go with night eagle in my opinion


Mighty Cannon is good for range, plus it has infinite uses.


What should I myth? (Would be nice if I get an order)

Sparked Runner - For final energy mech upgrade. (Perfect until I get another valiant and bunker)

SeraphBlade - Copying @trophy435’s mech as a base, still need to max claw and other items

Maximum Protector - Doing heavenly on my phys, can do with the extra 20-30 res

Another Engine - You can always use another engine


max protecc i would say


You’re the boss, so here we go

Did it.


Make sure to max your newly mythed gear!

(or you’ll have the tendency to neglect it)


I’m almost finishing it, really… its that i already have some legys spares to myth something next :joy:
My NF is lvl 40 RN…


Hey @DuduSantos, wanna have that battle rn?


Sure :smile:


Meet ya there


GG, Once you max your mech you are sure to beat me :grin:


What should I upgrade next

P.S the pic is old the brighter is myth .