General Thread - What should I myth next?


Save windforge.
Maybe Sparked Runners.


If you have spares SR and WF, sure, if not keep it…


Also I do have spare SR


Then, as i say, if you have extra…


it’s kinda “balanced mech” but i use phys and energy as weapons
p.s i didn’t stop using the crimson rapture since i got it and i don’t know what to replace it with


what are your weapons?


top are hystria and night eagle (it’s named that i think ?)
and side weapons are in the photo
if u mean types : phys and energy


i mean like what other weapons do you have available? mostly mean top weapons


corrupt light - savagery - flaminator - EMP - dawn blaze - hot flash and only i don’t get useful items or idk how to get them


I say the next one should be Ghost…


What to myth next?


Royal launcher of course :joy:


No, ROCKET Launcher!

You know, that top weapon that is only Common?


I forgot it was L-M, good thing to remember XD


Sure, i really need a good top weapon for my physical XD


thats not a good mech mate
if you have dynamite boots then what is the hammer for?or viceversa?
i sence that you are going for an energy mech cus of the torso and having 3 energy weapons
only use weapons that go up to myth
use crimson on a heat mech
for mods i can only suggest a resistance module
btw if you havent obtained an l-m mod an r-e can be a substitute.but NEVER use capsules


i have no energy legs and dynamite boots are the strongest one i have now
i think i will replace crimson rapture with nightfall
and when i get more engine i will remove the capsules maybe


do not make mix sets
mix sets may be effective in the lower ranks but ya gotta think about the long run


i am using phys and energy for my main mech and heat for the 2nd


like i said,mix sets are not good in higher ranks
i use a boiler (heat that focuses on shutdowns) and only have heat weapons.
lets use my mech as an example
the only non heat weapon i use is terror cry but i use it cus my range 2 is weak and i want to get people out of that range
it you use lets say 2 phys weapons on an electrician you are sacrificing drain for more dmg is good and phys is the most damaging type but if you drain the oponent the drain dmg will transfer to normal dmg.most weapons need energy so you are also deactivating most of the enemies attack options.if an electitian drains fast,its a good energy mech.