General Thread - What should I myth next?


I understand of course :slight_smile: I just said how it looks like from my view


Ok once again same question because I forgot to add one thing to poll

What should I myth next?

  • Last Words
  • Lighting Scope
  • Viking Hammer
  • Windforge

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Because most of the combos you pull against your opponent are further than range 1.As LW has range 2-4,you get to use it more than the range-1 Viking Hammer,thus being in range for more repeatable combos.
Most foes actually stay in that range,believe it or not.The close-medium range is the most used ones,since it has many weapons operating at that range and providing more combos in general.
What I’m saying is that you get to use LW more than VH.



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Heat is all about cooling.

Energy is all about capacity- capacity, capacity, capacity.


Oh but he’s anti-energy, the cooling is for anti-emp :slight_smile:


Can i use a falcon to myth it? i alread have one…


Its up to you really

  • Second Physical Mech
  • Weak Energy Third Mech

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What should I myth first?

  • Energy engine (2nd mech)
  • Heat storage unit (1st mech)
  • Heat engine (1st mech)
  • Energy engine (1st mech)
  • No

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so i think i mean near to myth something will it be grim reaper (torso) or viking hammer or hystria or or night eagle ?



If your going for more defense, the torso.
Better attack, Viking Hammer or Hysteria, but I recommend Viking Hammer.


No! Never ever, always myth torso 1st legs 2nd and later weapons


I said if he wants to go for more defense, then his torso.
If he wants attack, then between his 2 weapons I would say Viking Hammer.
I wasn’t saying he SHOULD do viking hammer.
I was giving him another choice to make it easier.
I didn’t tell him to myth the hammer.
I gave him a choice of either torso or weapons.
Maybe try understanding it more?


Always myth the torso first :smiley:


Actualy,if he wants attack,he should myth the torso as well!
It will last more in battle = more attacks.


oh well i am 3 L away to myth but i am asking anyway


do ya have a high heat cap and cooling?if ya dont have space for cooling and cap mods use naga.
actualy,can you show us your energy mech?


  • NF
  • NE
  • VOID

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What do you think?

  • Yes
  • No
  • They’re trash, just do it.
  • NO!! Wait for worse ones!! SAVE THE WINDFORGE!!!

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There’s also this:

(i have 4 mighty protectors it doesn’t matter now stop crying)