General Thread - What should I myth next?


what should I myth next?

  • a second windigo
  • a fourth bunker shell
  • my energy orb

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i’d say either bunker of energy orb… either one sounds good


i need advice from pros
what shall oi mith ferst?
desolation,dynamite boots or a mod energy/heat mod?
(this is a general thread so i think its ok to necro)


The usual order would be Torso,Legs,Weapons,Drone (or Drone,Weapons,depending on the build),Utilities (optional,some of us just keep them like that),Modules.
I’d say to go with the Dynamite Boots.


thanks L4K3
my mech is very weak in range 2 cus i only have nightfall for range 2


Wait…A NF on a heater…or heat parts on a phys?
Care to show your build?


mods as well?
this text wont be blured


Yeah.Screenshot you mech while on mods’ page;we’ll also see the weapons like that.


heres my excuse for a mech
what do you think?


This is actually…More than decent,I think.
Well,the 2 energy engines won’t be that much help,as your cap will be around 400-450,but it has decent health and cooling.Cooling matters more than cap,so I think you’ll do good enough with those heat modules.
As for the weapons setup,I don’t know what to say.
I see you’re mainly a boiler.You can’t really do much at range 2.I’d advice you to get a Terror Cry,for you’ll have some push (if you get an Abomination,even better).


i have terror cry
but i have it for my second
my second has claw and only nightfall and nighteagle as its weapons (ey 2 night weapons.i just noticed this)
i have been rekt so many times by people just jumping into range1
but eh
i guess you are right
one question:would reckoning work just as good for my mech as abombination?


I think yes,but it’s a little too heavy to fit on your build.


Add a BackBreaker and the problem’s solved :slight_smile:


sed ting
ai don hav baccbreker
lik if u kri evertim


So what should I myth next guys?

  • Last Words
  • Viking Hammer
  • Lighting Scope

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Lol guys? Why LW? Hammer is much more effective and used more often than LW, I don’t understand


Just because it has push.


Just looking at your mech and imaging going against it, I would avoid your Range 1. Partly because of the damage and drain that it does compared to LW, and also partly because I don’t want to be pushed back 3 and find myself in positions where I might have to waste attacking to move out of LS range (through you teleporting).

And since LS is more of a deterrent/very situational, you’re really only left with one option as far as consistency. And thus, I say upgrade your LW.


Interesting, but my most efficient combo is VS + Malice Beam, in one turn it drains almost 400 of energy (with maxed energy drain and maxed both weps) its deadly especially for dual Malice users because they aren’t able to do anything after this combo, and I say Hammer will be better to myth because hitting by it automatically means enemy gets in range of VS, so it would be 30 regen dmg in 1 turn, LW I use mostly only to put enemy from range 2 to range 3 so I can use my malice, I have all ranges covered thanks to those 2 weps but still I think better will be to myth hammer


I was giving descriptive reasoning behind the 3 choices you presented in your poll. Wasn’t a whole commentary on the mech as a whole. :stuck_out_tongue: