General Thread - What should I myth next?


Use maximum protecter as a plate, and change a energy module into heat module because your mech’s cooling is very low.


best I could come up with


eww… why remain 44 weight…
change the heat engine into heat boost and add another nightfall


What should I myth for my physical mech.

  • Annihaltion
  • Void
  • Iron Boots
  • Energy Engine
  • Heat Engine
  • Night Eagle

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Just got enough myth food for one more.
Should I myth Naga for my other build or should I go for something on my current mechs?


Myth your nf bro)
Its beast


Naga or NF…Naga or NF…
Uuuuf such a tough one!


I’m too lazy to take pics, but. . . What build should I go with?

The poll will help me to decide whether to myth Desert Fury or not.

  • Mercy + NightFall + NightEagle – 490/197 Heat, 460/190 Energy, 2219 HP
  • Mercy + NightFall + NightEagle + Desert Fury – 401/217 Heat, 371/211 Energy, 2219 HP

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You can ask for help as many times as you want.
That’s why we’re here and so is this thread :slight_smile:


LOL. Good. Luck. With. That.


Guys help me
What should I upgrade to mythical?

  • 2nd Nightfall
  • Void Drone
  • Energy mass booster
  • Cooling mass booster
  • Heat engine
  • Energy engine

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i know its a lot but please help me don’t get mad not myth but upgrade first


I have a problem with my build
looks like a strong build, but when face physicals,
it because very weak, I lost 3 out of 3
19 AM
I use windforge drone, the weapon seems great but the drone deal to less dmg, 100% lose with mech over 2000 hp, I plan to change to face shocker, but it overweight 14 kg,
and when I change the torso to brutality, it only have 1300 hp,
when I change the resist into 2 plates, it have 1700+ hp but it overweight 5 kg, I don’t have another bunker shall…
Can someone give me an idea?


I got nothing for ya…sorry…that’s a better mech than my mech…except I have more HP and you have more heat/energy

here are my modules:


Maybe give up on the hook/charge if it has one?


i thought i was all alone on the forum it was scary i thought every one disapered


Many are sleeping right now.
Even for me,it’s 7 pm here.
Anyways,there is a lot to say about your build and I don’t have the time right now.
Could you wait a little more until I get back home?
Thank you.


are you okay you good


ok got how long its 6:55 right now i live in hawai


Sorry dude…
It’s gonna take me at least 8 hours :’) …
But when I get home,I’ll make sure to write about everything.