General Thread - What should I myth next?


Should i myth my Flaming Hammer or Savagery?

  • Flaming Hammer
  • Savagery
  • Nah fam forget these 2 just myth heat bomb lol

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Savegery huh?
Alright then!


What should I myth next?


  • Heat engine(one of them)
  • Cooling mass booster
  • Grabbing hook

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You gotta focus of mods,then that flaming grappling hook.


What myth next? Weapon or maybe drone?


Malice beam.


Ok, but it will take some time


Myth nothing.Max your items,bro.


How’s it feel being brought down to 218 HP by a Rank 4 AS a Rank 2 yourself? :joy:

But jokes aside, myth the Cooling Mass Booster first, Cap is alright by itself.


I’ve decided to NOT myth a d a m n thing until I decide if these updates are worth sticking around or not


Whoopidy scoopidy poblidy,what kind of mods should i myth next?

  • Energy engine
  • Heat engine
  • Cooling Mass Booster

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what should I myth next flamewave,corrupted light,dawn blaze,bulldog its for mythying like all my weapons of my first mech,zark,deso,charge,heat bomb and scorching feet???


I don’t really get why everyone voted for energy engine.
Soo i’ll just say this,i’ll first do heat engine,and then energy engine.
Thank you for voting.


plz vote fast guys :frowning:





I seriously wish I mythed a Zarkares instead of the Windigo. Well, I have to make due with what I have now I guess. I’ll get another Zarkares once I myth everything else.


sup… i have everything i need to myth another weapon of my first mech but… I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO MYTH
somebody help!
it’s between:

  • Desolation
  • Supreme Cannon

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before you vote note that i am using the rocket king set, but i have added a CL to the build (just saying)
this would be my 5th myth and one myth closer to making my first mech a whole myth mech.

if i myth Deso then i have a bit of an advantage against energies since i don’t require energy to fire deso, also does a bit more damage (average) unlike supreme but it wouldn’t be so useful against phy mechs (cause they are close range). it is my only weapon that reaches range 8 so that’s also a pro

if i myth supreme then heat and phy mechs will be easier, i will have a bit of a disadvantage against energy but it will be able to combo that with my second mech that has lighting scope (i’ll be able to use if more often)

so what do ya’ll think i should myth? Deso or Supreme?


Desolation. Both are good weapons, but Desolation is more useful, not to mention something like the current meta where heat is concerned.


hmmm, you are right…
but just to make sure i’ll wait for like 5 or more votes


SADGKADGAJK I LEFT MY CONPUTER AND SOMEONE pressed the myth button on supreme…
well folks no more voting