General Thread - What should I myth next?


@cyanine my friend Cyan, wouldn’t be better a mercy there instead? :thinking:


Still waiting for Mercy, but at least Reckoning works just like Mercy.

I don’t care if I wasted Legendaries on Reckoning.


True, just need to have heat enough… bulldog for energy on the other hand need energy… damn :frowning:


Well, you need to use legends to make a myth, like it says, you need to break some eggs to make a omelet right? @cyanine


I have 15+ Legends alright, bad thing is all of them are L-M.


Damn, wanted to have half of it then… you have two choices, open more space in inventory, or get rid of some of them XD


Open more space by upgrading my parts is good for me.

Also I don’t have full space in-game.


Yep, good choice.


How’s this as an energy/phys counter? Drone is Face Shocker, with teleport and hook.


Looks great!
I’m sure it will hold once maxed.


nice but the cooling change the torso into zark or avenger or battle me


He won’t need cooling.Just enough cap so he doesn’t overheat himself.


Changed drone to windforge to fit malice beam. And L4K3 is right, this guy isn’t meant to fight heaters.


You see,you might not even need that heat engine.You can fire your weapons 12 times before getting overheated (Naga’s heat cap is 193 and your weapons cost 16 heat).
You can use the spare weight for something else.
By the way,Windforge isn’t what it used to be anymore.I reccomend FS (I’ll also replace WF after I get it).


What should I improve first?

The NE is at lvl 22.


umm…legs ok bye and battle me ok


Yep,definitely the Iron Boots.


My suggestion is something like this for instance.
No need heat engine. U can’t overheat yourself while using naga torso.
4 e. engines + naga give you 635 energy + arena buffs (20%) = 762 energy
I think is enough to fight against energy mechs.
2x plate + phys resist is what u need.

WF, hook, tele



Shockwave (this little boy helps a lot to use light scope)
combo viki hammer + last w. + shockwave + light scope is quite good.


Why 4 E.E.? if you meet a heat guy you’re fried…


@L3x awesome suggestions, I’m implementing them now. Thank you! I’m curious, does that first build use windforge to allow for phys resist? I don’t see how else to do that.

@DuduSantos it’s designed to be a specific counter against phys and energy mechs. I could round it out but it’d be less effective against the types I’m going after. Most people run no more than two types, and my lineup will always include an all-rounder I’ve already perfected. It should be pretty safe.