General Thread - What should I myth next?


As a collector of the weapons of the known phrase of Premium otherwise known as Legendry to Mythical items (or L-M Items) from the current game of the Reloaded version of the game: Supermechs by Tacticsoft in which we are speaking in it’s divine Discourse forum chat, I have 3 words:

You trigger me.


Yep, I’m a collector too :slight_smile:
But I don’t collect rubbish, like Delirium and Iron Frenzy. While the Orb Cannons may still have some use so I’ll keep em’.

As for this sentence, why do you insist on being all sophisticated? I do not like forcing people to use the English Lexicon in a familiarized sentence that some mortals here are not even able to comprehend. Therefore, please do not force yourself to obey this tête-à-tête that we should be doing in other places.


What’s wrong with Delerium? Tightest rng of all top energy weapons, Hits decently hard (203-265 el dmg/95 en dmg/-5resist)…does look like Shiz tho


Seriously though…I had to work hard to convince my self to myth my mercy,NF and SC over the Viking and Spinefall because I’m seeing a serious use for both right now


Isn’t Delirium just a Top-Weapon version of Ultrabright? Because it actually is. May be useful sometimes in taking down HP mechs, but not that practical on most builds.

Iron Frenzy thought is not practical at all. You may use it if you have a build with it though,


I have both, also why in the bright mind would I take away Spinefall? That was useful to me once (When no EMP nerf yet).

Also if going to be HELLA useful now with ViKing.


Don’t use L-M items as upgrading material.
You never know when they get buffed or when you need them!


I do believe you are correct on that(Delerium being range 4-8/UB-3-6)… I recently started using an UB on a counter build…wondering why I wasn’t using it before…wth is iron frenzy?


Iron Frenzy is the Top-Weapon version of the not-so-much used DawnBlaze.


Right on right on… ohhh, it’s kind of Drleriums counterpart right?



Do you really think I would waste away L-Ms? Hell nah’ bruh :joy::ok_hand:

Edit : Oh crap wrong person


Now that I’m going to replace an energy build with a phys to see if it works out to my advantage…I’m a little hesitant on mything more energy weapons because after I replace this build for a phys, I will already have enough maxed energy weapons for two complete builds…still waaaay tempting though…


@cyanine You talking about energy of which one? About physical i know i need to upgrade his energy, the electric i know too, just take time to make legend itens since im a f2p player :confused:



Either of those Energy Mods, all of them work like the same.

Also I said that myth either ViKing or Energy Engine because both are helpful.
But I’ll choose ViKing.


@cyanine Because they are the same, or should i change any of them for something else? a regen module maybe?


NO! That’s worse :cold_sweat:

But if you now have a Heat-Counter (Your phys preferably), then exchange a Heat Engine for Energy Engine.



  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Myth Void first.

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Myth void!
trust me mate.


Nah boi, I’m all about the looks :stuck_out_tongue:


Results of the poll :

Now it looks handsome as hecc