General Thread - What should I myth next?


After mything my claw.
I had no idea what should i myth next.
Soo i’ll just make a poll.
Also you have to tell me why you selected this choice,thank you,

  • Claw
  • Annihilation
  • Nightfall
  • Night Eagle
  • Void
  • Charge Engine
  • Platinum Grappling Hook

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Void, or a weapon - damage dealing items will help you faster than mods, especially as a phys.


Void will probably be mythed after when i myth one of my wepons.


i’d say nightfall… that 400+ dmg is a must, and getting it soon is a very good trategy

  • seraph blade
  • claw

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what should I myth next???


Your legs…


wait my second mech

now tell


Myth that torso…


Wut should I do

  • Make a third mech(which is anti heat and energy)
  • Myth faceshocker
  • Myth void
  • Myth hysteria
  • Myth anni
  • Myth night eagle
  • Myth modules

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Why I put “make a third mech”?it’s for countering purposes.


Screenshot please…


Torso first.
That’s an unwritten rule :slight_smile:


And drop that nightfall for an energy weapon. You’ll thank me later :smile:


what should i myth next?

  • Scorching Feet
  • Desolation
  • Supreme Canon

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After i mythed Void,i don’t know if i should myth my claw.

  • Claw
  • Nightfall
  • Night Eagle
  • Other ulitys
  • Mods

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Definitely the claw, dat hp is way too low. I would also recommend maxing everything you have before you transform though, it’s pretty easy and it helps a good bit.


I’d say the Claw.
Even so,you’re forgetting one important thing,actually more important:
Maxing your items.


Hi guys, i have those two guys, what first? i’m confused if max the modules first or the guns on the energy… because the phys still don’t have modules good enough, except for cooling and regen…







  • Void
  • Nightfall
  • Reckoning (But I’ll switch to Mercy once I get it)
  • Wait for more Legendaries (Which I can make 1-2 of in a day)

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Viking Hammer or Energy Engine.

Like damn, you’ll kinda never survive with that kind of energy up there.