General Thread - What should I myth next?


I wanna use charge, but i have claw legs and no other charge oof


Just wait for trash epics, they’re common enough. Especially with silver box ads (easiest on mobile).


2 magmas are even better! Trust me, one mech can easily take 2. My heater has two and it’s a beast.

  1. I dont play on mobile, but i get epics in other ways. 2. I didn’t end up using a magma blast for transform. 3. May I see your heater?


Damage boiler, with Murmur, common teleport and mythic flame hook. Mainly a heat/electrician counter, with utility against phys.


What should I myth next?

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Once i mythed abo…i have no idea what should i myth next.
Or drone, or my supreme.
I dunno,just tell me what to do…

  • Supreme
  • Nemo
  • Mods ffs

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If you are asking to max them…nah,i shall do it later.

  • Heat engine for the first energy mech
  • Energy engine for the counter energy mech

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Energy is important when you go to arena.

Soo i’ll vote for that.



I still need to know.


Lol nemo and supreme is a tie


Why is it tie xD.

Godamn i need awnsers.


i mythed my abomination…
what should i myth next?

  • Supreme Cannon
  • Desolation
  • Scorching Feet
  • wait to myth energy engine
  • wait to myth duskmaker

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Feet’s and trosso’ are important.
You should do the feet frist.


well it seems im mything my feet!


Hey, leg day is important. Don’t forget it!


Need some help on which module to myth next


Energy for sure lad.


Energy resist or energy engine? :joy:



Sorry for not typing it fully.