General Thread - What should I myth next?



I have only two lol

I didn’t fuse any of them away…


i only have 8 , wtf meng


I only have one.

Meh i don’t need it.


Peasants… Kidding, It’s rare but I just keep all the epics for possible legend fuel


Cause having more is just a pain, Honestly I could use some Energy engines, Heat engines just love me I guess This is a joke and getting off topic XD


You only have 8???


i only have… 0
i have 3 energy engines, 2 regen boosters, 1 cooling booster and NO HEAT ENGINES!


my drops suck


I need those Energy Engies, Wanna trade some? XD


i would only be willing to trade 1 since 2 of them are in my main heat mech, while my energy mech has a bunch of energy caps and 1 regen and 1 energy engine
i barely upgrade my mods :stuck_out_tongue:


I have some at legend, I’ll give two lvl 20 Legend Heat mods for those XD


ahh how i wish my luck changed…
everything was so good at the start, then it went to mehh and now im here… in the bottom
i can barely get epics now, far less heat mods
SM used to be good


If you’re on mobile, just watch silver box ads. Best way to get epics


im on PC
that’s what’s the problem…
also i play on kongregate :stuck_out_tongue:
only good thing there is… NO ADS!!!


lol yeah,I hate it when ads pop-up when I finish a campaign mission


the only down side is no chances of watching ads for extra drop… kills me a bit in the inside


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I DONT WANNA (please help) I will show all legendaries, bc i NEED suggestions!!!


Here are all legendaries


Don’t get rid of the magma, it’s super good!


IK but i have 2!!!
i want to know what i SHOULD use tho, lemme know


Nothing… Make more legendaries from epics.

You can use that EMP and charge though