General Thread - What should I myth next?


Do it!
Because you will send this to max myth list.
And you will kill the sht out of everyone.


What should i myth?

  • energy engine
  • iron boots
  • night eagle
  • zarkares to replace windigo

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(these are all on my 2nd mech)


For the zark option, that can be best determined by your build. Can you post it here?



Please show the modules and summary of your windigo mech


changed it, what do you think?


I would recommend that you keep a windigo on that mech, but also, here is some tips:
Remove the savior resistance and replace it with an iron plate.
When you get 2 more energy engines replace the booster and capsule.


Alright, thanks :ok_hand:


Yeet, that energy storage unit is much better. Replace the protector and booster for another engine/plate and keep the storage unit.

134 energy + torso’s 193 + engines and arena bonuses. It’s pretty tanky against energy then.


Oh, I thought that was an epic version. @rjzwilson keep the capsule, just replace the booster with an engine when you get one.


One of the best items ever (imo). Helps massively against energies lmao


Also for the first build I recommend that because youa re useless against energy anyway, regardless of those two module slots, you should remove them and place another plating.


i was thinking to replace savegery somehow.
And i really want to replace with supreme or desolation.
Keep in mind when you ask to put that item in or leave it, i will myth it
Soo here is the poll

  • Abomination
  • Supreme
  • Desolation
  • Savegery

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I put abomination in case if you don’t want to replace it but myth.

  • Wait for scope and max it
  • Max a heat engine then max the scope

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Legy that heat engine and then wait for scope.


Welp, RIP HB, You won’t be missed




I have 15 of them




Do it.