General Thread - What should I myth next?


Sketch (29)
Sketch (31)
Sketch (28)
This is of course my frist myth and i am soo happy!
Now it’s time to shine! Still…

Ok…now that i completed this…journey…i want you guy’s…to tell me what to myth next.
Here is a poll

  • Zark
  • Paws
  • Crimson
  • Corrupt Light
  • Vandal
  • Savagery
  • Nemo
  • Night fall
  • Annihilation
  • Night Eagle
  • Void

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That’s it for all!
I wish you have a…wonderfull day.


Don’t myth anything else until you’ve maxed the Brut first. Then second should be your most used weapon.

I say to max them so you don’t end up not ever maxing them


I would suggest you to max the legs next , then mods and weapon / drone


paws or crimson
then drone


Another best legy for me!
Heat is going to be my fav!


Yep,I agree.
I also have this problem of upgrading each item little by little every day.
It’s better to do it once and for all.


You could make another one.
A 2nd heat build,Rocket King,to go with this first one.
Also,I think you should either myth the Paws or the Crimson after you max your torso.


Upgrading my paws will get more heat dmg…more hp…etc.
Maybe it is good idea.
Now as you exuce me…i need to get my 1000000 coins back.


Yep, although since I’m used to doing it. I tend to myth two things and max em out lmao

not saying he should until he’s used to farming A LOT


I will just send this mech for any…re choise…ya know?
To decide about this mech.


Nah,make a Rocket King (as a dual heat setup will also come with other advantages) and let this one sleep a little.


What is that?
A mech who has supreme?


Desolation,Supreme Cannon,Abomination as a weapon setup.
Super effective damage oriented heater.


It’s all nice but i don’t have that Desolation…but i got supreme tho…
Btw that is gonna be moved to my zark…if it is possible.
And yes…I know that mech…LastOfWilds is using it.


Heat mechs are the weakest in this game… Its just…
SAD… physical can counter all forms,energy can counter most heat,energy and phys, and Heat on the other hand, gets fudged up by everyone…


Not really,rocket king is good for phys mechs,since it will push the enemy,the heating isn’t that much important for a dmg heater,but it helps because it can’t always deal dmg like phys but the heating can slow the dmg of phys mechs.for energy,pack 3 magmas and a desolation


Of course…rocket king will push psych away…such as anhaliator user…Etc.
Huh…soo that’s why last is pretty good at this.


That’s fine… But if the phys build is dual nightfall/Spartan with mercy or even night eagle with nightfall, then rocket king becomes rocket slave…
And also most phys mechs(top ones) are using stupid spider man legs(I know what it’s called) and a windigo/brutality with at least 2 platplats…
That gives over 2200 HP(at the least) and a decent heat/cool and energy/regeneration.

I know that magma with desolation is good against energy, but after drained, they use dual valiant then you r totally screwed. Even if you r in close range, the ash+last words will much you up.

Just saying.


Alright fellas , time to make a decision.

New mech , new items , new strategy for me.

  • Wait for the LiScope and max it
  • Max a heat engine then max the LiScope when i get it

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no mazing/fusing stuffs yet <.<