General Thread - What should I myth next?


Build 1:


Work on Build 2:

Pretend that Desert Fury and the Cooling Booster are maxed.


Build 1 is better, because it can deal more damage than 2, and more cooling.


Can’t think bulldog is that OP…


Heat stats are not maxed for build 2 – 401/217 maxed.

I’m only pausing here to think because I recently got Desert Fury. With it and Annihilation, I’m wondering if its high drain can deal more average damage than Mercy’s occasional high hitters.


Use a flaming scope as a desert fury


I actually never got one in the portal. :sweat_smile:


Full legendary to myth mech


I see a Zarkares, which is an EPIC-to-myth item ^^
And wee don’t see modules ^^


You’ll need an Archimond for that.


Changed my mind for now.
Lately I’ve seen just how much a myth Void can change the course of the battle,probably even more than a myth NF

Man,this is beautiful!


nice @L4K3 I’ve yet to get a Void Drone


And no biggie.
They are E-M so you’ll get one sooner or later.


yeah…I had 3 or 4 of them a few months back but used them all to upgrade…I was a heat mech back then


Should I go with:

Or work on:

Build 1 Maxed Stats: 2219 HP, 460/190 Energy/Regen, and 490/196 Heat/Cooling.

Build 2 Maxed Stats: 2074 HP, 460/253 Energy/Regen, and 490/196 Heat/Cooling or 2074 HP, 460/190 Energy/Regen, and 490/259 Heat/Cooling.


I’d say #1 because health is better than energy, plus, your main weapons don’t even use energy. I would replace any energy modules you have with health modules because of the reason stated above.


The reason I slightly favor build 2 is that my regen always falls short vs. mechs of my rank. IMO 2000 HP is sufficient to provide protection, and Desert Fury allows me to get into longer ranges so I’ll be damaged less. Energy with Valiants and Ash Creators always win vs. , so I need some defense.

For me, 145 HP is less useful than a buff to damage and long-range capabilities. It grants more combos and potential victories over build 1.

Sure, Mercy hits hard, but when drained. . . sometimes not hard enough. I need more regen to soften the blows of energy. . . 253 regen would be a good amount.


What should I myth?

  • Energy Module
  • Heat Module
  • Desert Fury (See Build 2 above)

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What can I improve on my mech?


More energy(equip 4 energy modules) and only 2 heat module is ok( maxed 217cooling), and change the heat booster in to HP plates.


Like this?

and upgrade everything?