General Thread - What should I myth next?


Depends on what you need more, long ranged heating or medium ranged heating?

(Personally I mythed/maxed my CLs first then my Savagery).


I have a phys build.what should I myth first?

  • Void
  • Nightfall
  • Annihilation
  • Rolling beasts

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Legs first as they all say.


Heat bomb or wait for the EMP and max it

  • Max the heat bomb for the 2nd mech
  • Wait for the EMP for the 1st mech

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what should i myth next deso, cannon, abomintion or my paws


Paws first,buddy :slight_smile:


paws dude paws paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw


Ok ill do my paws next


Hello i just revived this topic lol
Btw i still forgot what should i myth next.
Here is my pic.


Rapture or abomination


Ah lad i just want one.
Just pick one…Only one.


Looks like your leaning more to a boiler so Crimson rapture


The modules. Your stats are bad


Lad…everyone says that i should do wepons frist…


I would go for the modules, Though I’m no expert


Short term vision. Weapons come and go, you might change this or that one, module set ups remain.
If you upgrade your weapons, youll win one rank, maybe 2, but nor steady, because your mods will be too far behind your weapons and will limitate you (wich is already the case)


I really like this advice but i need some polls so i can see what should i do

  • Modules
  • Wepons

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Mything the Crimson Rapture with those stats is suicide!
Myth Abomination or your modules first.




what module do u use and do u use plates?