General Thread - What should I myth next?



Myth the feet first.

With such low cooling you’ll kill yourself using a myth CL and a Desolation.
Pack more health and upgrade the stats before mything any weapons that consume (add).


oh ok…


Well. I just noticed that this was a thing where I can ask on what I should myth next… and I never noticed. Kill me.
So i’m just going to put up what I have to myth.

  • Second Nightfall
  • Nighteagle
  • Heat Engine
  • Heat Booster
  • Energy Engine
  • Energy Booster

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Sorry about this being late but if you want to beat many physical mechs use something like this,(modules are not maxxed yet)


Pretty decent build you got there, though that ultrabright could probably be replaced with something better… dunno if hysteria would fit.


I come again looking for a wee bit o’ help!

So this is my primary build.
It’s an all-rounder build,as you can see and,at the moment,its heat stats are pretty low for a phys.

Now this is my second build.
It a Zarkares Enforcer,counter to heat and most physicals,no energy.

Now,the question sounds like this:
Myth the Heat Engine on the first one for more chances against heaters or myth the NF on the second one to be able to bring it inside the arena as a dual phys 2v2 setup?

  • Heat Engine for more counterability.
  • Nightfall on the secondary to give it enough power for the arena.

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who’s next?


Desolation. It’s energy-free so unless you straight up just quit on electricians, it will help you.



Really waiting for those energry-free Sorrows to drop…


Why did you maxed out 2 reckles beams?


So i take a windforge, but i have maxed face shocker and i isnt now what better in my build


I’d go for windforge personally. I feel it’s better overall than the FS, and it would help compensate for a lack of VS.


Not sure what to myth next. I would myth mercy but I have it on my 3rd build and i need 2 more nightfall to have R.I.C.O’s build, so the build is just waiting right now.

  • Mercy(3rd Build)
  • NightEagle(1st Build(Pys))
  • Charge Engine(1st Build)
  • Energy Engine(1st Build)
  • Heat Engine(1st Build)
  • Devouring Paws(2nd Build(Heat))
  • Corrupt Light(2nd Build)
  • Murmur(2nd Build)
  • Abomination(2nd Build)
  • Desert Snake(2nd Build)

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Trust me…
With that build,please keep using a FS.


What? I don’t even have a reckless beam


Sorry i forgot to put in valiant sniper. I do not use it for anything except for raid.
P.S. i would put it in the poll but it will not let me edit it.
So if you want me to myth valiant sniper then tell me.


one question should i do double UB for my energy mech


should i go for flaming scope or desert fury for my physical mech?


Desert fury might prove more useful for you. (incase of high res opponants), but if you want a scare tactic, then scope works best. (personally would go for desert fury).


savagery or corrupt light(2) ?