General Thread - What should I myth next?


Personally I’d use a Clash, since you’re a damage heater. So no.


murmur have bigger top dmg and -7 cooling
MURMUR(L)---------- (45), 86-153 ExDmg, 36HeatDmg, 7CoolingDmg, (0/31 Cost)

CLASH ---------------- (45), 103-135 ExDmg,36HeatDmg, -5ExRes, (0/31 Cost)


which one to myth


void 100%
how much bonus phys dmg you have?


i have 5% damage bouns


not bad at all it will make a difference


Clash has a resistance drain.
I’d also go with Clash and why not make a mass heater to go with Murmur (and a Vandal Rage)?


i hate mass heaters because they are pretty useless in top ranks if you don t have good items


I guess you’re right.
But a combo of a damage heater - mass heater 2v2 setup would really be something.


you know my first mech,i will not change it


Suit yourself then. Murmur is a good drone, but if you want damage get Clash - the res drain makes it more than Murmur’s match there. And I use Murmur so I should know :man_shrugging:


you are a mass heater no?


Indeed I am.

Murmur, legendary grapple hook and teleport included.

TBH, I’m more a combo of a mass heater and a damage heater… pretty non-meta for sure. But it works real well (Rank 4).


very nice mech what s the averege dmg that murmur does?with idk 16 shields 30 shileds whatever


RN, with 7% damage boost, It usually does around 100 or so damage after shields. I use it for its cooling drain, and I even get perma-heats relatively often because of it.


it seems like algeriano also use murmur for his dmg heater


I suppose it could help get overheats more often since damage heaters have less heat gen. But I’d have to make a pure damage heater for that and I don’t feel like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am stuck I do not know what to myth next here is the poll

  • Maximum Protector (1st mech)
  • A heat engine (1st mech)
  • Charge (1st mech)
  • Corrupt light (2nd mech)
  • Desert snake (2nd mech)
  • Zarkares(2nd mech)
  • Devouring Paws (2nd mech)

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Looks like everyone forgot this thread

What should I myth?

  • Hysteria
  • Faceshocker
  • Lightning supporters

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What should I myth?

  • Corrupt Light
  • Desolation
  • Savagery
  • Scorching Feet

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This is my current Heat mech