General Thread - What should I myth next?


you dont have one.


I can tell by your little bitchiness


Proving my point.


ooh yeet is going to get banned again


Aight , i know it sounds stuid coming from me.

But should i ditch heat for physical?
I have a spartan carnage and everything.

  • ye
  • nah

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just make another mech


im saying that cause heat doesnt really work that well with me and i dont have the modules for phys.




I start to make a new heat mech
what should I upgrade first?

  • terror blade
  • vandal rage
  • murmur
  • grabbing hook

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Keep the heat mech parts t you can build it up later but give your phys the modules for now.


Do you have a cl on that mech?


He has VD, Sorrow, Reckoning, and Terrorblade (he used this mech in his other video on the other thread).


Replace sorrow with a Supreme cannon.


which one snack or face shocker


Do you even have an electric build?


Second Last Words or Windforge?

  • 2nd LW.
  • Windforge.

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i do or i am makeing one


FS can do up to 300 damage when drained and has the same drainage as Windforge,but has uses.
Snack is Void’s counterpart,reaching around 200 when drained but stable (you don’t have to take it out every once in a while).
Though,battles aren’t that long so I’d say definitely FS (to shorten them even more xD).


okay thanks naga would be a good energy torso


should i make my murmur mythical?

for this build