General Thread - What should I myth next?


Torso, then main wep then legs. Although others have done this differently after their torso.


Torso is always a first.


Thx for your replies, that’s what I thought as well.


Torso gives you heat cap, energy cap, cooling, regen, hp and resistance. No other item gets that many buffs with a single upgrade, so its a pretty easy choice. Most people go for weapons first, but don’t forget modules - they make a huge difference. I personally try to do a weapon, then a non-weapon, then another weapon, and so on and so forth (where drone is a weapon and legs are not).


torso because it really helps in pvp


what should I myth for my heat?

  • supreme cannon
  • desolation

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I would myth the legs on your secound mech.


Zarkeres is the best heat torso if not the best torso in the game!


That post is pretty old.
Many changes have been made since.


Alright, since the drop of my beloved Spartan, my regular mything schedule has been disrupted.

So – What should I myth?

  • Desolation (2nd mech)
  • Spartan Carnage (1st mech)

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Note: My 2nd mech can handle myth Desolation – it has ~420 heat with ~225 cooling.

Additional Note: My 1st mech is fully maxed. Spartan Carnage would replace Night Eagle.


is windigo the 2nd best torso


You will be harder to verse now I see :smirk::smirk::joy::grin:

I’ll see you in game another time but for now I say upgrade Spartan Carnage if you’re going to use it a lot… I don’t use mine so I don’t bother upgrading it yet


No I would say the second best torso is brutality and the best is Zarkeres.


windigo is better than brutality


It depend in what area you are talking about.


Brutality has only 40 more health but Windigo has better heat and energy.


What!!! Show me a pic.



So you don’t know everything?


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